HCT-Entrepreneurship Cell Student Feedback Form
Please read each of the statements (1 - 16) below and tick () the appropriate box to the right that best fits your judgement using the following scale:








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A. Assessment Elements
A. Commitment towards Entrepreneurship
1. The E- Cell plays an active role in developing and refining proposals / ideas generated by students.
2. The E- Cell gives constructive feedback on project/business proposals.
3. The E- Cell is fully committed to support students interested in establishing businesses.
4. The E- Cell provides sufficient support in marketing the project / product in the community.
5. The E- Cell team is always available during office hours.
B. Motivation and Support
6. The E- Cell raises sufficient awareness about its services and activities among the students.
7. The E- Cell is successful in creating an interest among students in entrepreneurship.
8. The E- Cell provides specialized consultancy and advising services.
9. The E- Cell has conducted successful training events in which guest speakers/entrepreneurs from industry were invited.
10. The E- Cell provides sufficient training on how to sustain a business.
11. The E- Cell provides external activities and training opportunities with partners in business and industry.
12. The E- Cell provides sufficient training and advice on recognizing and developing market opportunities.
13. The E-Cell provides adequate information to students about relevant government legislations, additional resources and policies regulating business and industry.
14. The E- Cell provides adequate information related to financial support available to entrepreneurs.
15. The E- Cell provides adequate and up-to-date information about national support schemes for Omani entrepreneurs.
16. How do you suggest we improve the E- Cell?