IT - FOE - FEEDBACK ON EVENT - SN SIR 4.0 - 18/jUNE/2019 - Obaid, Lawati, Ceasar, Deiqa, Dr. Shadha

Please read each of the statements (1-12) below and select the appropriate option that best fits your judgment using the following scale:








Strongly Disagree




Strongly Agree

Not Applicable


Type of Participants
* Select Type of Participant
A. Planning and organization
Assessment Elements
1. The event was announced on time.
2. The timing of the event was well managed.
3. The event venue was suitable.
4. Overall the event was well organised.
B. Outcomes
5. The objectives of the event were clear.
6. The objectives of the event were relevant and easy to follow.
7. The materials circulated in the event were useful.
8. The objectives of the event were completely achieved.
C. Presentors
9. The presentors were well prepared and had mastery over the subject.
10. The language used by the presentors were clear and understandable.
11. The presentors were able to clear the doubts raised during the session.
12. The presentors were helpful and co-operative
Open-ended Question
13. What did you like the best in this event?

14. What are the possible areas of improvement?

15. Any other comments?